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What is a school’s liability if bullying goes unchecked? What kind of political activity is allowed on school property? These are just two examples of a multitude of sensitive legal issues connected with the educational system in the Holland area and elsewhere in the state of Michigan.

A growing and complex field

As federal, state, and local governments pass more and more laws regulating schools and their relations with students and employees, School Law is a burgeoning and complex field. The attorneys in Cunningham Dalman’s School Law Practice Group are well aware of the multifaceted aspects of this developing sphere of law. We are well-positioned to help you, whether you happen to be a school official, parent, teacher, student, or employee of the Michigan educational system. Here is a sampling of the issues addressed by the School Law Practice Group:

Student rights and discipline

  • Bullying—face to face and online
  • Anti-concussion laws
  • Speech
  • Schools of choice


  • Unemployment compensation
  • Family Medical Leave Act

Open Meetings Act

  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Board policies

Contracting with school districts

  • Bidding

School Law Attorneys

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