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Property Tax Relief for Those in Need: Better Late than Never

A decade or so ago, before Michigan’s “one state recession” and the more recent depression, the State “streamlined” the process for local units of government to take real property if the owner did not pay property taxes. Finally, the State has followed with an installment plan arrangement to help qualifying owners keep their property. The

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Homeowners and Condominium Associations Update

Homeowners associations and condominium associations are usually organized under Michigan’s Nonprofit Corporation Act. Condominium associations are also subject to the Michigan Condominium Act and the master deed, condominium bylaws, articles of incorporation, association bylaws of the condominium, and any rules the association has adopted. Homeowners associations are usually bound by a declaration of covenants, conditions

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Summer Dreams

The snow and ice are gone, temperatures are creeping toward 70°, and school is nearly out. It’s time to start thinking about the cottage. Dreaming of putting the boat in the water. Or lounging with a good book on the beach. Or dreading the disputes with the neighbors over whose beach it is anyway and

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