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The law can seem like a daunting and complex tangle. The attorneys of Cunningham Dalman are here to help. If you require legal representation or would like to seek advice from a law expert, we hope you’ll talk with someone at our firm. We also encourage you to learn more about legal issues that matter to you. On this page you will find valuable information about many different aspects of the law. We encourage you to spend some time browsing this collection of posts written by Cunningham Dalman attorneys.

How do you know if you’re really “Management”? Do I get Overtime?

What Is the Management or Executive Exemption Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”)? Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), most US employees must be paid at least a minimum wage and overtime pay for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. But there are exemptions that remove employees from the FLSA’s protection.

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Didn’t the minimum wage go up?

The Michigan Court of Appeals reversed a lower court opinion that would have raised Michigan’s minimum wage to $13.03 on February 19, 2023.The Court of Appeals determined that the Michigan legislature had the authority to amend the petition initiatives that were passed in 2018 that would have raised the minimum wage and provided paid sick

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Cunningham Dalman Acquires “Bos & Glazier”

Effective January 1, 2023, Cunningham Dalman is excited to announce we are acquiring Bos & Glazier, trial attorneys in Grand Rapids. Carole Bos and Brad Glazier will join Cunningham Dalman as partners. Rob Howard will join as an associate attorney on a partnership track. Our attorneys and staff will continue to provide quality legal services

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Medicaid and the Last Car

There is great freedom in grabbing your keys, jumping into your car, and driving wherever you want to go.  Nobody wants to think of a day when we might lose that freedom.  But as we age, a time can come to give up those precious keys and rely on others to drive us where we

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Transferring a Vehicle Upon Death of a Family Member

What happens when a person dies with a vehicle titled in their name with no surviving co-owner? Some states allow vehicle owners to name a beneficiary to take title upon an owner’s death.  Michigan is not one of those states.  But it is fairly simple to take care of this situation without the dreaded trip

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How to Plan For Expected Changes In The Estate Tax

It’s widely expected that Congress will be changing the estate tax in this session. A bill hasn’t been introduced yet so we don’t know how the estate tax will be changed. However, there are two scenarios that appear to be the most likely. The first is that the estate tax exemption will be reduced from

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Estate Tax Changes are Coming

The election has been decided. The Democrats now control the White House as well as the House of Representatives. While the Senate is split 50/50, the Vice President can cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of Democratic legislation. President Biden and the Democrats have campaigned on increases in the estate tax. Also, there’s a reconciliation

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