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The law can seem like a daunting and complex tangle. The attorneys of Cunningham Dalman are here to help. If you require legal representation or would like to seek advice from a law expert, we hope you’ll talk with someone at our firm. We also encourage you to learn more about legal issues that matter to you. On this page you will find valuable information about many different aspects of the law. We encourage you to spend some time browsing this collection of posts written by Cunningham Dalman attorneys.

Protecting Your Children: The Importance of Having a Power of Attorney

The high school class of 2023 has officially graduated, and parents are getting ready to send their children off into the real world—whether that be to work, college, or a different adventure. Many young adults will be moving out of their parent’s homes for the first time, as they attempt to navigate adulthood. Parents want to

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Medicaid Planning for Single Persons

The options for protecting assets from Medicaid and the cost of long-term care differs depending on if you’re single (i.e. not married or have survived your spouse) or are married. Also, the planning differs depending on when you need care. In other words, if you can live independently for five years, there are certain planning

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Family Ownership Succession: Which Option is Best for You?

Family ownership succession can happen between a number of different people or groups. Parents may transfer ownership to one or more of their children. Siblings may transfer ownership to each other or the next generation (i.e. nieces and nephews). Grandparents may even skip a generation and transfer ownership to a grandchild if their children aren’t

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Non-Competition agreements might have a dim future

Employers commonly require employees to sign “non-competition” agreements. There are various forms of these agreements, but typically they prevent an employee from working in the same industry for a period of time (such as a year), within a certain geographic area, after their employment ends. The agreements, to be enforceable, must be narrowly written to

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Custody – What exactly does that mean?

In Michigan there are two types of custody, legal and physical custody. Legal custody is the ability to make major decisions for your child(ren) such as education, religion and healthcare. Physical custody is having your child(ren) physically with you and making day-to-day decision while you have your child(ren). When you hear that someone has sole

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Damages in Wrongful Discharge Cases in Michigan

This post is from the materials produced by myself and Michelle P. Crockett, an attorney with the law firm of Miller Canfield, at the Insititute of Continuing Education’s 35th Annual Labor & Employment Law Institute presented on Friday, April 30,2010. Michelle practices employment law from the management side. I. Introduction Although the damages available in

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Riparian Rights and Ownership in Michigan

There is something about water. There are those who own the waterfront, and the rest who want access to it. Unfortunately, they often clash. There are two distinct classes of waters in Michigan, Great Lakes and Inland Waters, and they have different riparian rules.  An owner of land touching one of our Great Lakes owns

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How do lawyers prove a wrongful discharge case?

In a case decided by the Michigan Supreme Court on February 8, 2013, the court found that the fired employee had raised sufficient evidence to present her case to the jury. The case is Debano – Griffin v Lake County and it shows how employment attorneys representing employees go about proving a key issue in

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The Mathieu-Gast Home Improvement Act

A home, whether a principal residence, second home or rental property, is often our largest asset. Ongoing maintenance, repairs and improvements to a home are important to preserve and increase the value of that asset. With home ownership also comes property tax obligations. Tax bills in Michigan are calculated by multiplying the taxable value of

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