Municipal and Administrative Law

Our Municipal and Administrative Law Services

Cunningham Dalman is known as a leader in municipal law, with a reputation that extends beyond Holland to all of Michigan. We represent numerous public entities, offering expertise in municipal, utility, road, transportation, and library law. We have served as special counsel for many communities, throughout the state of Michigan, which require our specialized knowledge of state laws and other pertinent rules and regulations.

Assisting Clients with Local Governmental Approvals

We are also uniquely qualified to assist you in obtaining approvals from local government. We understand that the approval process of government in Holland and elsewhere can be complicated and cumbersome. We therefore do our best to professionally and aggressively assist you if and when you need to appear before government bodies such as planning commissions, zoning boards of appeal, city councils, or township boards.

We bring you wide experience and expertise in all aspects of municipal and state laws and procedures. More specifically, we can assist you with:

  • Municipal litigation and governmental immunity
  • Open Meetings Act/Freedom of Information Act
  • Ordinance and local code drafting and enforcement
  • Planning and zoning matters
  • Construction Law
  • Tax assessments and appeals
  • Tax forfeiture and foreclosure
  • Public utility issues (municipal electric, water, sewer, and fiber optics)
  • Condemnation/eminent domain/takings claims
  • Land division, platting, and condominiums
  • Vacating of roads and public lands
  • Municipal annexation, incorporation, consolidation, and detachment
  • 425 and Urban Cooperation Act agreements
  • Downtown development authorities
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
  • Tax abatements (Act 198, 255)
  • Municipal finance interfacing with bond counsel
  • Intergovernmental agreements to establish authority and consolidate municipal functions
  • All other relevant state laws

Municipal and Administrative Law Attorneys

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