Our Litigator Services in Michigan

Every litigator within the Litigation Practice Group of Cunningham Dalman resides in the lakeshore community in and around Holland, Michigan. The commitment to our “neighborhood” and its residents, plus our active litigation practice in state courts, federal courts, and administrative agencies all over Michigan, make us unique in the field.

We’re your neighbors!

We are accessible because we’re your neighbors. You see us in church, at local sports activities, at the supermarket. We are never too busy to chat with you, answer questions, or just say, “Hi!”

Our litigators bring hundreds of years of combined experience (involving thousands of cases) to the table when we stand up for your rights and solve your legal problems.

The Best Resolution of Disputes

Whenever possible, we try to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation. But if a dispute should escalate into a legal battle, you can bank on the fact that the hearts, minds, and skills of Cunningham Dalman’s Litigation Practice Group are in your corner, and we are committed to vigorously advocate for your cause.

Whenever possible, we will handle your problems without any “up front” fees or complicated payment arrangements. Our litigators use cutting-edge technology to win cases and keep costs down.

Give us the chance to earn your trust; you won’t regret it!

Litigation Attorneys

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