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Employment Law can be complex and staying compliant is one of the main challenges in running a business today, whether in Holland, Michigan, or elsewhere. Sound legal advice is absolutely crucial, and the attorneys at the Employment Relations Practice Group of Cunningham Dalman are ready to help you. We serve clients in both the private and public sectors.

Employment Law - Extensive Legislation

Government at all levels has instituted multiple layers of legislation in the field of employment. The more traditional spheres of wages and work hours have been supplemented over the years by complex employment laws dealing with such issues as discrimination, hiring and firing, and sexual harassment. As a result, almost every interaction between employer and employee is subject to one or more laws today.

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Employment Law for Employers

Employee Handbooks

All employers should have an Employee Handbook which covers employment basics, benefits, code of conduct rules, compensation, and more.


Independent Contractors

Employers need to understand the implications of hiring independent contractors and ensuring you are not misclassifying an employee. The IRS defaults to the stance that all individuals are employees unless proven otherwise.

Non W2 Employees


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) continues to change and employers need to be diligent in ensuring they understand their obligations under the law.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment claims come in the form of inappropriate touching, unwelcomed advances, sexual jokes, favors for promotions, and many more. We assist employers in reviewing their harassment policy and ensuring they are up-to-date with an ever-changing landscape.

Sexual Harassment

Drug Testing

Drug testing policies are still common in certain industries. We assist clients in evaluating their current policy and ensuring updates comply with new laws.

Drug Testing

Workers Compensation

Our firm assists private & public sector employers in defending against worker's compensation claims.

Workers Compensation

Occupational Safety & Health

Our Employment Law practice assists employers with understanding OHSA regulations.


Wrongful Discharge

The most common lawsuit filed against employers is for "Employment Discrimination and Wrongful Termination". Our attorneys assist clients in understanding employment law and requirements associated with terminating employees.

Wrongful Discharge

Confidentiality Agreements

Do your confidentiality / non-competition agreements protect the areas you need? We assist firms in understanding their risks and how to address them.


Our Employment Law Attorneys Can Assist You!

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lawful employee handbooks are critical

Employee Handbooks

All employers should invest in creating an employee handbook which clearly documents your firm’s history, vision, values, policies, benefits, and procedures in a written format. This handbook should be readily available to all employees and employers should ensure each new hire receives a copy on day one. In fact, employers today should require every employee to provide a “written acknowledgment” they have received a copy of the handbook.

Employers should also have periodic reviews performed by outside counsel to ensure handbooks are up-to-date with new legislation in labor laws. Complex legal challenges move through the courts every year and it’s important your handbook is current.

Handbook Topics of Interest:
understanding employee classifications is key

Independent Contractors

It’s important employers understand employment laws related to independent contractors. The Department of Labor (DOL) has specific rules which govern independent contractors vs. employees as it relates to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Independent contractors should be business owners who provide a general trade, profession, or service to the public. Independent Contractors can be guided or directed on the result of the work but their methods of work are not controlled by you.

Important Topics:
understanding ADA requirements related to disabilities


Employers are required by law (Americans with Disabilities Act) to provide “reasonable accommodations” to qualified prospective applicants and employees with a disability. Requests for an ADA accommodation by an employee should immediately invoke an accommodation process to thoroughly review the request.

Cunningham Dalman assists employers in understanding the requirements of the law and how to evaluate “reasonable accommodations” within your industry / business. The United State Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported that 36% of claims were disability related in 2020.

Common Topics of Interest:
harassment claims keep expanding in scope

Sexual Harassment

Harassment claims in the workplace are becoming more common and sexual harassment needs to be addressed by in your anti-harassment policy. We still encourage employers to cover all forms of harassment in one policy but to include specific examples of “sexual harassment”. These examples should cover things like sexual jokes, inappropriate touching, sexual banter, and other inappropriate activities on or off company premises.

Areas of Concern:
drug legislation forcing firms to review drug testing policies

Drug Testing

Workplace drug testing policies have been standard practice for many firms over the last 20-30 years. The new recreational marijuana laws trending across the United States (including Michigan) are causing many employers to update their drug testing policies and others to consider canceling them altogether. As of today though, the “Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act (MRTM) provides no limitation on a Michigan employer’s right to enforce a zero-tolerance marijuana policy.

Healthcare, transportation, and logistics firms are the most common to require regular drug screening but there are other reasons to consider it:

Drug Screening Reasons:
assisting employers across west michigan

Other Employment Issues

Our employment law attorneys assist clients in a number of areas related to general employment issues as well as safety.  Here are a few other areas:

Expertise in Multiple Areas:

Employment Law FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers for Employers
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  2. Discrimination Cases Filed by Customers, Suppliers, & other non-employees
  3. Wage & Hour Laws
  4. Torts
  5. Breach of Contract
  1. Religious & Medical Accommodations
  2. Remote Workers – Privacy & Productivity Concerns
  3. Paid Family Leave Legislative Priorities
  4. Mental Health in the Workplace
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