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Building a new shopping mall in Holland, Michigan? Working on a government contract for road improvement? Then you know that legal difficulties can impact a construction project at any stage. Whether you are a developer, owner, contractor, lender, or some other party involved in commercial or residential construction, we provide you with cost-effective solutions. And we seek to avoid any possible delay, knowing full well that delays can cause significant damage in this type of business.

We regularly advise clients on development of site plans and municipal approval, contract development, negotiation and administration, mediation, and all types of construction litigation.

The Multiple Legal Aspects of Construction

The attorneys of Cunningham Dalman’s Construction Law Practice Group, well-versed in the problems faced by construction professionals in the Holland, Michigan area, stand ready to assist you in the numerous legal aspects of your construction project. These include:

  • Construction contract review
  • Site or development plan approval
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Pre-suit investigations of construction failures
  • Construction lien filings, enforcement, and foreclosure
  • Enforcement of mechanic’s lien
  • Claims resulting from defective construction
  • Defense of property owners from claims by subcontractors and suppliers
  • Builder’s Trust Fund proceedings
  • Defense of contractors from claims by property owners, subcontractors, and suppliers
  • Construction bond, insurance claims, and other claims relating to the project
  • Mediation
  • All phases of litigation, including pre-suit planning, trial court proceedings, appeals, and enforcement of judgments

Construction Law Attorneys

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