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Do you find that tax laws are becoming more and more complex? You’re not alone. Many people in Holland and around the state of Michigan share your concern. With government at all levels in greater need of funding, methods of taxation are becoming more “creative” with each passing day.

This is one reason why you need a competent and experienced tax attorney at your side. Here at Cunningham Dalman, we provide you with the support and expertise to protect your interests, and to make sure that your transactions have been planned with tax consequences in mind.

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Keeping Clients Informed on Tax Laws!

Tax planning. Let our team help keep you informed.

Taxation Law Services

Business Formation and Reorganization

Our attorneys provide insight for entrepreneurs as they choose legal structures or reorganizations of their business.

business tax strategies

Executive / Partner Compensation

Our team fully understands executive / partner compensation plans which is a complex area of law today. We advise on tax issues related to stock options, restricted stock, non-qualified deferred compensation, and more.


Stock Purchases and Sales

Our attorneys assist businesses with structuring stock purchase deals and sales. We can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages for both buyers and sellers. 

Stock Transactions

Business Dissolutions

Businesses must go through a formal closure process called a "business dissolution" when "closing" or "going out of business". We can assist with the preparation, articles of dissolution, or what is sometimes called a "certificate of dissolution".


Income Tax Planning & Compliance

Our taxation attorneys assist individuals and businesses with tax planning for corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts for domestic entities.

Income Tax

Estate Tax Planning

Cunningham Dalman is a local leader in estate & inheritance planning. We look at each component of your estate to ensure tax implications today, tomorrow, and for the next generation are fully understood. Family legacies take years to build and require careful planning to secure long-term. 

Tax Planning

Protecting Your Legacy!

Looking out for you. Let us guide you through the tax planning process! 

importance of selecting the proper legal structure for your business

Business Formation and Reorganization

Business owners and entrepreneurs all have to decide upon a business structure and choosing one which benefits them today and into the future. Tax planning, liability & risk, and your ability to borrow money are impacted by your decision at this stage.  Or maybe you’ve been in business for a number of years and growth is necessitating the need to change your business structure. Our Tax Attorneys at Cunningham Dalman in Holland, Michigan are here to assist you in deciding on “What business structure makes the most sense?” There’s never one option and you can leverage our years of experience as we walk through the advantages of each one.

For information on business start-ups, acquisitions, operations, intellectual property, or licensing, please visit our “Business & Corporate Law page for more details. 

Popular Business Entity Formations:
assisting clients with executive compensation plans

Executive / Partnership Compensation

Our taxation attorneys have many years of experience in assisting firms in developing and periodically reviewing their executive compensation plans. In recent years, reforms by the Internal Revenue Service and heightened scrutiny within the investment community have put executive compensation plans on notice.  Our attorneys can assist you in complying with applicable regulations today and any future changes to the laws.

Common Areas We Assist:
expertise in helping you understand local & state government

Stock Purchases and Sales

Business purchases generally are done via an “asset purchase” or the “purchase and sale of common stock”. Our attorneys can assist you in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each one.  We assist parties in weighing the pros and cons in terms of price, complexity, tax implications, and timeframes.

Advantages for Buyers & Sellers:
Disadvantages & Other Considerations:
legally closing down your business

Business Dissolutions Attorney

Businesses who formed a corporation or an LLC must formally close their business with state authorities. An LLC should have an operating agreement in place and a key element should be a dissolution section. In Michigan, any LLC needs to file a “Certificate of Dissolution” with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Our attorneys can assist corporations and LLCs with taking the proper steps is legally shutting down a business.

Common Areas We Assist:
understanding business structures, tax planning, & more

Income Tax Planning

Our tax lawyers at Cunningham Dalman in Holland, Michigan, routinely provide tax consultations for individual and businesses.   We provide assistance with tax planning, tax opinions, tax disputes, and estate planning.

Common Areas We Assist:
tax implications for future generations

Estate Tax Planning

Cunningham Dalman assists clients in developing estate plans and ensuring their family legacies are protected. There are a number of reasons why everyone should have an estate plan and one of the primary ones is “reducing estate taxes”. Our attorneys will explore all possibilities with you including gifts to family, irrevocable life insurance trusts, charitable donations, family business succession planning, education 529s, planned giving, and more.    

Common Discussion Items:

Taxation Law FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

This is a federal trial court set up by Congress to have jurisdiction over tax cases & disputes. These cases are heard by special judges and aren’t decided by juries. In addition, these courts are not connected to the Internal Revenue Service.

Business owners generally need to account for five basic types of taxes:

      Income Taxes
      Estimated Quarterly Taxes
      Self-Employment Taxes
      Employment Taxes
      Sales Taxes

According to the Small Business Administration, there are over 31 million. Approximately 24.8 million of these have no employees and 5.3 million employ 1 to 19 employees.

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