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Assisting businesses navigate the complex rules for corporate bankruptcies.
Bankruptcy Attorneys

Cunningham Dalman has bankruptcy attorneys who specialize in assisting individuals and businesses.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorney in Holland, Michigan

Cunningham Dalman understands the complexity of business bankruptcy and insolvency laws in the State of Michigan. We have knowledgeable attorneys on staff who are adept at answering & guiding you through the multitude of questions that will arise. Can I still collect the debt owed to me? Should or must I continue doing business with a bankrupt customer or supplier? What happens to my lease in bankruptcy? Am I going to have to return money paid to me just before the bankruptcy filing?

If you are an individual looking for personal bankruptcy assistance, please see our “Personal Bankruptcy Law” services.

Contemplating Corporate Bankruptcy?

If you are contemplating filing for corporate bankruptcy, Cunningham Dalman’s Bankruptcy Law Practice Group in Holland, Michigan has the experience and knowledge to advise and represent you in this important step in your business life. Our attorneys will assist you in determining if bankruptcy is your best course of action or if other forms of relief may better fit your current business situation.

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Are You Looking for Assistance with Personal Bankruptcy?

Business Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law

Business Bankruptcies

Our attorneys can help navigate the complex rules pertaining to corporate bankruptcies, including, among other things, the treatment of leases and other executory contracts, filing claims, preserving lien rights, relief from the automatic stay, and defending lawsuits filed against you by the trustee or debtor-in-possession for avoidable transfers.

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Receiverships are generally court supervised liquidations, with a court appointed receiver taking over business operations and/or assets. Our attorneys can assist if you have a customer, supplier, franchisee, business partner, or others that have been placed in a receivership case.


Foreclosures and Land Contract Forfeitures

Do you hold a mortgage on property, or have you sold property on land contract, to an entity or individual who is in default on its payments to you? 

Foreclosures & Forfeitures

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys in Holland!

Looking out for you. Let us guide your business through the process! 

corporate bankruptcy: Understanding the complex rules

Business Bankruptcies

Expertise in Multiple Areas:
corporate bankruptcy: Understanding court supervised liquidations


A receiver is a neutral third-party appointed by a court to take possession of property or control of a business. A receiver might be appointed in instances of mismanagement of a company, embezzlement, or fraud, or to take possession of real or personal property to pay off back taxes, liquidate property, or complete a construction project.
Expertise in Multiple Areas:
corporate bankruptcy: protecting your business interests

Foreclosures & Forfeitures

Foreclosures and forfeitures are legal mechanisms that allow a creditor to enforce a lien and claim ownership or otherwise take possession of real or personal property when an obligation is in default.
Expertise in Multiple Areas:

Corporate Bankruptcy FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

It is a formal request sent as a courtesy or a reminder after other efforts have been attempted to collect payment or some other action required. Most times, the “Demand Letter” is sent after numerous phone calls, emails, or other attempts have been unsuccessful to resolve the dispute. These letters are usually written by an attorney.

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