Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law in Michigan

Agriculture today, in Michigan and elsewhere, is a multifaceted undertaking. Because so many areas of law come into play, the farmer must increasingly be cognizant of the legal ramifications of farm activity. Similarly, the attorneys representing families, farm suppliers, and others in the industry must be knowledgeable in many areas of state law, not least of which being the growing body of governmental regulation concerning food production and distribution. Agricultural practitioners need legal advice above all in real estate matters and estate planning, but this is only one of the manifold challenges associated with operating a successful agribusiness.

The Team Approach

Here in Holland, Michigan, we have developed a broad knowledge of agricultural law along with a team approach. We’ve found that having overlapping expertise in relevant areas provides our clients with outcomes that have far surpassed their expectations.

Cunningham Dalman’s Agricultural Law Practice Group can assist you, our agricultural clients, in the following areas:
Real Estate

Agricultural Law Attorneys

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