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We know that bankruptcy can be a complex and painful process, whether you file for bankruptcy protection yourself or are affected by someone else who has filed. A good bankruptcy lawyer is adept at answering the multitude of questions that arise. You might be asking yourself: What debts can be discharged? Will I lose my house? What property can I keep? Can I still collect the debt owed to me?

We can answer those questions, guiding you to the right solutions.

Contemplating Bankruptcy?

If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, Cunningham Dalman’s Bankruptcy Law Practice Group in Holland, Michigan has the experience and knowledge to advise and represent you in this important step in your personal or business life. We can help you through each stage in the process, including:
  • Deciding whether to file for bankruptcy or pursue other forms of relief
  • Determining which debts can and cannot be discharged in bankruptcy
  • Preparing the numerous schedules and documents needed to file successfully
  • Meeting with a trustee and attending hearings before the court
  • Exempting property from the bankruptcy process
  • Estate Planning & Inheritance considerations
  • Defending against challenges to your discharge from debts
  • Preparing reaffirmation agreements
  • Drawing up Chapter 13 payment plans

Bankruptcy of others

If you are affected by someone else’s bankruptcy filing, we can help you protect your interests. This includes:

  • Proof of claims, so that you can participate in payments by a trustee
  • Adequate protection for liens, mortgages, and collateral that secure your debt
  • Defense against a trustee’s claims, whether the trustee claims that you received fraudulent transfers or preferential transfers, seeks to avoid your lien, or presents some other claim
  • Relief from the bankruptcy stay, so that you can enforce security agreements and mortgages against the debtor’s property
  • Avoiding a debtor’s discharge in bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorneys

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